Monday, April 13, 2015

Four Years Later... Amōure

I believe that all good things come to not only those who wait, but also those who remain determined and steadfast in seeing their dreams come to fruition. Four years later, and it's all coming to life. Since the creation of “The Follow Fashion”, I’ve seen an increasing amount of my readers asking me if I have a clothing line or if it’s something I plan to do, but even before the blog, I always knew that a clothing line would be on my to-do list. I’m so proud to be teamed up with not only my brothers (Bah & Mikes), but also the guys I call my best friends to see our dreams finally start to become a reality and to build a brand made especially for you, the people. Introducing “Amoure”.

Love in Spanish is armor.
Love in French is amour.
Love in Italian is amore.

Amōure is an amalgamation of 'love' in three languages of the world that are considered to be "languages of love." Love is the one thing that we all believe in. Everyone wants to love and to be loved. In the end; everything in this world circles back to Love.

We believe that in everything you do, there should be love. Everything! Whatever service or product you provide, you provide it with love for people to love. With that said we present to you: amōure.

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