Friday, November 7, 2014

Alexander Wang x H&M

As you guys may already know, the Alexander Wang x H&M collection dropped in select stores and online yesterday.  Happily, my store was one of the select few in the entire country to receive pieces from the collection and Wang gave the staff an awesome t-shirt and backpack (the perks of working for H&M :) ).  Did you guys like the collection?

H&M Denim Jacket / H&M x Alexander Wang T-Shirt / Nike Air Jordan 1 "Royal"


  1. the collection isn't really my thing, it's the big logos and that that puts me off. though the plain stuff like you have hear suits certain styles, you wear it well man.

    Buckets & Spades

  2. The big scuba padding is what throws me off, looks kind've weird when it's on. Thanks bro, this was actually one of my favorite pieces and it wind up being free lol.

  3. Ehhhhh...I kind of expected more from his collection. I wasn't impressed.

    Thy Bliss Calls

  4. The t is dope - and the Jordon's are perfect ;)

  5. Oh well that nice that you guys got one free..I did not go to the opening event of the alexander wang x hm launch. Because Im not a big fan of H&M . At the end of the day its not even exclusive anymore.

    but there were some dope pieces like their coats .

    But you look dope bro ..nice tshirt

    New look on Le Blog :' Square It Up '
    Greets Jon

  6. absolutely love this look! xo

  7. Thanks, Lol I feel you bro, I didn't get anything myself.

  8. One of my favorite jordans and yes, the tee is simple but clean. He should've made more pieces like this lol.