Monday, October 27, 2014

50 Shades of Blue

I got these vans back when I was a youngin' (4 years ago lol) and haven't really worn them since. Today, I woke up feeling inspired so I resurrected  them from my closet. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Happy Monday. 

Ray-Ban Sunglasses / H&M oxford / H&M Jeans / Vans Authentic / Kipling Backpack


  1. Hi man! just came across your blog. I saw ur comment on Durimel.
    Nice style i like that hoodie simple but classic :-)

    Great blog man. I hope you have the time to check out mine.
    let's stay in touch so that we can switch out new blogposts

    Greets JON

  2. That's dope bro, Thanks for checking out the blog, i'm glad you liked it. I'll be sure to definitely check out yours as well.

  3. Love this outfit!

  4. I've worn holes in the front of a pair of these before, still have them but only wear them for jobs now. Solid though.

    Buckets & Spades

  5. Love it! That shirt is so great and VANS are always a good choice.

  6. Haha you're the man bro. I've been trying to wear mine to more concerts to get them dirty but yea lol no luck.